Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Ever since mid-January my sales have done nothing but nose-dive, in particular are the sales of Town Secrets. Even though it is permafree, it was moving between 30 and 50 copies a day, and in turn the other books in the series were selling because of that. Sales dropped to 12 one day, and then up to 18, then down to 9 and up to 15, so I started investigating my keywords.

I invested in Kindle Samaurai first, and even thought it brought me quite a few ideas, none of them have helped at all. I tried that for about a week, then I bought Kindle Spy. I tried those for a couple of days and the same thing happened.

Next up is to try another cover, I guess. That means I have to come up with something, but I don’t want to change it until after my Bookbub promotion in February. That will give me a good sales boost, but we’ll see what happens after that. If they don’t stay up, Ill change the cover and see if that helps.

The gold rush of self-publishing is definitely over.

2 thoughts on “Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

  1. Dear Scott,
    I just found your Town Secret (Adam 1) book on iBooks and loved it. I started looking for some other books by you and found I Am Si but have yet to read it. My question for you is why are your other books in the Town Secret series not available on iBooks but on Amazon


    • Hi Paul,

      The reason the other books aren’t on iBooks is that they are currently exclusive at Amazon. I used to have the second and third books at iBooks but sold very few. By having them exclusive at Amazon, I get paid for pages read in their subscription service and they get read quite a lot.

      I apologize that they aren’t available for you at the moment. Can you email me at and I’ll send you copies of the other books?



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