About The Book of Adam Series

If you’re looking for high literary fiction with flowery prose and four paragraphs of description for each character and setting – these aren’t the books you’re looking for. Move along. Move along.

I consider myself to be a storyteller. By nature, I am also somewhat short and to the point. Because of that, The Book of Adam series is written to communicate a story to you as efficiently as I can, and it is written so that anyone over the age of 8 years old with reasonable reading skills can understand and enjoy, but it is also written to appeal to anyone who enjoys a good story. The majority of people that have read the books are over 20 years old and, according to the reviews on multiple sites, most have enjoyed it. Yes, I do at times ‘tell’ instead of ‘show’ because I believe sometimes that is the right option, and, after all, I am a story-teller. If you want me to show you a story – I will point out some good ones available on Netflix.

I once read that there are five elements to a great tale – 1. Story  2. Characters  3. Setting 4. Plot and 5. Theme. The theory is that you can remove each of these elements in descending order, and if, in the end, you still have a Story, people will enjoy it.

That is what I have attempted in The Book of Adam Series. I’ve tried to craft a compelling story with likable characters in a setting familiar to me, and I feel I’ve achieved the first three elements, for the most part. As far as Plot is concerned, in the words of Ray Bradbury, “Plot is no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run by on their way to incredible destinations.” As far as Theme is concerned, there are many themes that are interwoven throughout this series, but I think half the fun for you is trying to figure out exactly what I’ve done.

If you feel this might be a story for you, please read on! I am working on the fourth book in the series right now and feel that it will only take one more to wrap it up – one way or another.

Yes, I do know how it ends. I have known since part way into the first book of the series.

Thank you for reading!

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